Hi Fellow Fathers –

I hope you are able to join us at the Monthly Meeting this Friday, March 6th at 8:00 pm at the Center (208 West 13th Street). Please feel free to suggest a topic. Also, below is information about a book written by a gay father that you might find interesting…

New Book Provides Fresh Insights on How Longtime Male Couples Stay Happy and Thriving

Because healthy models of same-sex love and devotion have long been absent from our popular culture, it has been especially heartwarming to see icons like Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris marrying their longtime partners recently. Such high-profile examples are truly welcome and needed. But how do their relationships actually work day to day? How do they navigate issues of communication, affection, monogamy, and intimacy? To explore these relationship dynamics, author and jazz historian Tim Clausen conducted over one hundred in-depth interviews with North American male couples who have been together between ten and sixty-five years. His new book, Love Together: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication, features many of these men, and includes the first same-sex military couple in America to legally marry, a Catholic theologian, a pioneering Texas pair featured in a 1996 Life Magazine article, a practicing Buddhist couple who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, two Paris trained chefs turned international vintners, a Canadian couple who produce a line of gay erotic comics, a Christian pop-singing duo who became parents through surrogacy, a Hollywood film industry couple who met the day WWII ended, and more.

With over seven hundred years of collective love-relationship experience among them, these couples share openly how they navigate issues of monogamy, intimacy, affection, communication, money, spirituality, marriage and parenting. Chock-full of hard-won wisdom, helpful relationship practices, and sage advice, Love Together will appeal to established gay couples, to singles who are interested in finding a lasting love relationship, and to readers of all ages who are interested in discovering how gay love relationships are similar to straight ones, and in what ways they may differ.

The book is already garnering enthusiastic praise: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stuart-gaffney/love-together_b_6683962.html. In a recent review, Out in Print’s Jerry Wheeler wrote, “What you need to do is simply dig in and experience these forty-four lives and how they have come together and stayed together for amazing amounts of time. The similarities will become apparent, as will the differences. Make no mistake, this is an important book if for no other reason than the lack of others like it on the market. And it is even more important as it’s largely in the words of the men who live these lives.”

Timely in its’ subject matter, Love Together will prove to be both enlightening and educational for college LGBT studies programs, clergy members, therapists, and for all who appreciate the diversity of loving human relationships. For more information, please visit www.lovetogetherbook.com.

Tim Clausen is a jazz pianist and jazz historian. A father, he founded and facilitated the Milwaukee Gay Fathers group for ten years, from 1995-2004. Currently single and dating, Tim lives with his cat Pepper, who thinks that she is his girlfriend and that his interest in men is only a phase.

Hope to see you Friday.