Hi Fellow Fathers –

I hope you are able to join us at the Monthly Meeting this Friday, March 3rd at 8:00 pm at the Center (208 West 13th Street).  Topic one:

Blended Families

Many of us have created families that are unlike the “traditional nuclear families” in which we were raised. What are some of the unique advantages and challenges we face?

Other topics welcome.  Also, if you want to be on TV, read on –

My name is Mason and I am a casting director at Bunim/Murray Productions. We produce numerous shows including Project Runway, Real World, and the recent Emmy Award winning show Born this Way. We are currently casting for a new project, Real Families. We are looking for families with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We would LOVE to feature an outstanding LGBT family! Ideally we are looking for a family that has two children both in their teens, but are open to all sorts of families. Feel free to reach out directly. My office line is 818-465-7714. Thanks so much.

Mason Mongeon
Assistant Casting Coordinator
Bunim/Murray Productions

Hope to see you Friday.